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Sigourney Weaver gets drenched in cum

Friday, May 7th, 2010

So this is Sigourney Weaver’s secret to looking young! I never knew having a vat of man cream popped all over your body could do such wonders. But fuck no, I’d never so much as imagine doing this. I’d rather see hot celebrity MILF Sigourney Weaver swimming in a shallow pool of her hard-won spunk; hard won, meaning she had to pump all those hard cocks surrounding her just so she can stain her venerable, yet still tight body white and sticky.

You’ve got to hand it to these celebrities. Despite the obvious length of time they’ve spent walking the streets of Tinseltown, they’re still as virile and raring for a quick blowjob, if anything just to have a mouthful of cum to revitalize their weakening systems. These nude pictures of Sigourney Weaver are proof of that. And damn! If every celebrity grew hornier with age like Sigourney here, then let me uproot myself from my home and plant my cock in Hollywood! MILFs who love a facial are my cup of tea. If they’re yours too, then hop on and check out Sigourney Weaver getting a full cum facial!

Outrageous fake nude pictures of Sigourney Weaver

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Okay, so you had your fill of those juicy and smoking nude photos of Hollywood actress Sigourney Weaver, but this time we have here something that will make you burst out into laughter and I’m telling you guys out there, you should out these bunch of images that we have gathered and you’ll get nothing but the most hilarious and wacky fake nude pictures of this Alien star!

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Sigourney Weaver’s hardcore photos

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

We thought that Sigourney Weaver would go as far in exposing her tits and stripping herself naked on the silverscreen, but we later found out that she can be a damn hungry vixen in real life as she takes on some of the luckiest dudes in bed while they pump some hard male meat into her gaping love holes, and we have these hardcore photos to prove it! Thank the heavens and someone has leaked these photos and now we get to see the other side of Ellen Ripley having the time of her life fucking with every man she wants until they fill her up with their precious cum cargo.

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Sigourney still looks stunning in her nude pictures

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Sigourney may be already in her late 50’s but she is still one hot momma that can make men grow weak on the knees. There’s this certain appeal in her that men truly like, aside from being a celebrity and a brilliant Hollywood actress that has made some of the most memorable films we’ve grown to love, most especially with the Alien movies where she played the tough, butt-kicking Ellen Ripley getting gung-ho with her alien nemesis in outer space. But what if we told you that we have recently uncovered some of the most revealing nude pictures of Sigourney Weaver where she gets herself photographed while posing seductively and doing all sorts of naughty stuff with her tits and pussy as well.

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